Heavy rains from Harvey has devastated areas in South Texas, prompting huge numbers of evacuations and rescues.

One rescue in West Columbia shows how first responders sometimes go above and beyond to help those in need.

According to Chief Michael Eulenfeld of the West Columbia Volunteer Fire Department, they answered a distress call from grandchildren of an elderly couple Tuesday afternoon. The grandchildren said their grandparents were stranded in their flooded home off County Road 875 near the San Bernard River.

Getting to the couple proved challenging, but not impossible for the first responders.

First Captain James Sober and Firefighters Donnie Congdon, Roy Weisinger and Brad Womack boated across a swiftly-moving body of water, walked down a dry street, then deployed a raft and waded through chest-high water before reaching the stranded couple.

Once there, they reversed direction to take the couple to safety, overcoming another challenge as they tried to help the couple into the truck.

The woman could not easily step up into the truck due to medical conditions, so the crew looked around for a stepping stool.

“They looked around and didn’t see anything that would work, so Donnie promptly dropped to the ground to act as a step for her,” said Chief Eulenfield.

The crew made several more trips back to the house to make sure all the medical equipment and other necessities made it out with the couple before leaving the area.

The couple was reunited with family and has no injuries from their ordeal.

“I am proud of all my guys. Many have been away from family for days, but have jumped in without hesitation to help those in need.” Chief Eulenfeld stated.

He also wants to remind people to heed any warnings from officials.

“Just because you’ve never seen it before does not mean it won’t happen to you,” he said. “Don’t wait until it’s too late.”