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Disney+ reveals diverse set of characters for new shows at D23 Expo

Including: Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, Moon Knight and more!
Credit: Marvel Studios Instagram

Disney is currently hosting their D23 Expo, their biennial event where they announce all sorts of fun new things, and boy is there a ton of news coming out of it.

So far, there is a lot of news about the content that will be on the Disney+ streaming platform. We were already made aware of shows like WandaVison, Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but now we know we will be getting some amazing shows with characters we have not seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet.

Beginning with Ms. Marvel!

In case you didn't know, Ms. Marvel, A.K.A. Kamala Khan, is Marvel's first Muslim character created by Jamie McKelvie. She made her first appearance in Captain Marvel in 2013 and has had her own run in her own comic since 2014.

Her powers include shapeshifting and healing. Kahn is a Pakistani-American woman who defends Jersey City and is brilliant and, if I do say so myself, an amazing female character that definitely should not be slept on!

Moon Knight is also getting his own show. 

A little bit of a rundown on Moon Knight, A.K.A. Marc Spector: He is an ex-marine who fights a masked vigilante who deals with multiple personalities and "amoral inclinations."

My personal experience with Moon Knight is pretty limited but he has been in comics for over 40 years, debuting in Werewolf By Night #32 in 1975. He doesn't have any superhuman powers, think more of a Batman type -- except he prefers a white cape and there's less family trauma.

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Don't forget about She-Hulk!

She-Hulk, A.K.A. Jennifer Walters, is mean, she's green and a total lawyer babe. She is the cousin of Bruce Banner and comes with a lot less rage and a lot more confidence and smarts. 

She has come a long way since her debut in Savage She-Hulk #1 in 1980. She was turned into She-Hulk after she was shot and needed a blood transfusion, which she was given by Banner.

At first, she was described as stupid and unstable, much like Hulk was originally, but she evolved into a more confident version of her former shy self. She balances lawyer life with superhero life, and honestly, that's the dream.

Her powers include super-strength, agility, and literally listed on the Marvel website as a power: she is a high-powered lawyer.

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It is a waiting game to see which characters Disney+ will be bringing to their streaming service, but so far they are setting a precedent that they are willing to bring in fringe characters that some mainstream MCU movie fans may have never cared about before.

And it was recently announced that Hayley Atwell will reprise her role as Agent Peggy Carter in the "What If..." series debuting in 2021 on Disney+. The series will investigate what would have happened if she became Captain America (as well as other alternate timeline type things regarding a whole myriad of characters) and it looks amazing.

I think this is a great idea to get people interested in diverse characters and maybe, just maybe, it'll inspire some people to pick up a comic or two!

Destiny Johnson is a digital investigative reporter at KGW but she also covers comics. She reviews comics and talks nerd news on YouTube at KGW Comic Pick of the Week. You can find her on Twitter @hello_destiny she'd love to chat with you about nerd stuff.