PORTLAND, Ore. – People who live next to Council Crest Park in southwest Portland are fed up with late night parties, vandalism, and sex in public.

Neighbors voiced concerns at a city council meeting Wednesday morning, saying people party in the park, often until the early morning hours. The neighbors also said they find needles and trash everywhere.

They said, Council Crest Park used to be known as “the party spot” back in the day, but the city got it under control, with a private security guard. That was, until five years ago, when that security guard position was eliminated.

Now, area residents are urging the city to bring back that security guard, or some other form of management, to stop the parties and vandalism, saying it would save city departments money in the long run.

“Since then, the city has been throwing more and more resources: the police, the transportation bureau, and parks bureau and water bureau, all spending more resources than they used to. It’s ended up degrading the neighborhood, the park, and costing the city more,” said Jeff Wihtol, who lives in the area.

Neighbors voiced their concerns to commissioners Wednesday morning. It remains to be seen what the city will do in response.