In the midst of the controversial debate on standing for the national anthem, a patriotic photo of three roofers is going viral.

At a football game in Waterville on Saturday, October 14, spectators and players were not the only people standing for the national anthem.

Roofers stand for the National Anthem. Courtesy: Michelle Cossar 

A few roofers took time to stand for the 'Star Spangled Banner' before Old Town and Waterville players took to the field.

Michelle Cossar captured the picture which is being shared across the nation. Cossar said she was in the stands when she heard

'Hey, look! They aren't kneeling.'

When she turned she saw the three men taking a break from roofing a house to respect the flag. The image has been shared across the country.

Waterville Purple Panthers won the game. Cossar was watching at the game watching her nephew play and says the spectators were proud of the roofers.