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230 new emoji approved for 2019, including sloth and waffles

The update will also feature more non-gender conforming people and emojis with various disabilities.

WASHINGTON — Soon, your devices will have about 230 new emoji to choose from, including a sloth, white heart and more inclusive representations of people.

There will also be a yawning face, waffles, a flamingo and an otter, according to Emojipedia.

The Unicode Consortium, which is the non-profit group that makes sure emoji and other text are standard across different platforms and devices, announced the finalized list on Feb. 5, though by Wednesday afternoon the announcement on their website appeared to be down.

Credit: Emojipedia
(Image courtesy of Emojipedia)

Emojipedia reports the updates will likely start around April and continue through the end of the year. Emojipedia created mock ups of what the future emoji might look like. For more, click here