Ed Murray's family is speaking out in his defense, casting doubt on the cousin who has accused Murray of molesting him.

Aileen Policros spoke very passionately about the abuse claims against her older brother, and a 'falling out' within their family that she believes is motivating his latest accuser to lie.

Policros called us from her home in Pennsylvania. She is the youngest of seven Murray siblings.

"I never said anything since April when this broke, because I wanted to let my brother handle this for himself," she said.

But Policros said she couldn't stay silent once their relatives accused Murray of sexual abuse.

54-year-old Joseph Dyer, their cousin, signed a declaration claiming Murray molested him for a year when he was a young teen.

"I know for a fact. I lived it. It never happened," said Policros.

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Policros says if anyone's guilty of abuse it's Dyer, who she says physically and emotionally bullied her for years.

"If anything had happened to [Dyer], if anyone had touched a hair on his head he would have gone screaming from the bedroom to his mother," she said. "Because he was a bully. And you know bullies can't take bullying or anything else happening to him. I know that guy. I know him and he's a sicko. "

Policros says the rift between the two families goes back for decades. But the Murray siblings have stayed strong.

Policros said she spoke to her brother Wednesday, the day he resigned as mayor.

How was he doing?

"Horrible. His life is over," she said. "His 30 years, his body of work is gone. Everything he did is gone. His savings is gone. He and his husband, their savings is gone. Their retirement is gone. And in Washington state, in a civil suit they can take his house."

Besides Dyer, Murray's sister believes the other four accusers are conspiring against him.

"They all are interconnected. All of those guys, the four guys are interconnected through the drug world," she said.

"I haven't been in my brother's bedroom for the past 33 years," Policros said. "But I know my brother isn't a pedophile. I can guarantee you that."