ALBANY, Ore. -- A mother and son from Oregon are making a special delivery to Canada. They're returning a bracelet to a 97-year-old World War II veteran who hasn't seen it for 73 years.

The bracelet has Charles Bernhardt's name and military ID on it. But he didn't get it from the Canadian military back in the 1940s; he got it from a sweetheart after fighting to liberate the Netherlands from Germany during WWII.

Bernhardt said he couldn't remember that until the Smith family, of Albany, jogged his memory.

“He went back and looked through some of his stuff and remembered, and actually has a picture of a girl he met over in London, Daphne I guess was her name,” said Karen Smith.

Now, here’s the Oregon part of the story: Smith's mother-in-law got the bracelet as a girl, after Bernhardt traded it for eggs from their family farm in the Netherlands. He was hungry and had nothing else to give. The family immigrated to Oregon after the war.

And they recently discovered the bracelet in a jewelry box. After doing some major investigative work they tracked the veteran down, and the family decided to deliver it to Summerland, B.C.

The mother and son should arrive Thursday night, and present the bracelet on Friday.