Those shadowy figures who meet in the boardroom periodically to govern Oregon and S.W. Washington public companies and, among other tasks, set executive pay aren't too poorly compensated themselves for the effort.

All of the 10 highest-paid corporate directors in Oregon pull in more than $300K from these services and the No. 1 director, the former CEO of the state's second-largest public company, brings in more than $1 million.

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That puts the average compensation at $482,849, though the average for the top 50 directors is a mere $286,724.

It's likely many of these directors are serving on corporate boards in other states as well, so this by no means represents their personal total compensation, which would also include their "day jobs" as executives of their own companies.

While The List of the top 50 corporate directors is a little more diverse, the top 10 includes just one woman and no racial minorities.

It does include the CEO of the third-largest Fortune 500 company and three directors serve on more than one Oregon public company board.

Surprisingly, only one of Nike's directors is represented, while FLIR Systems and NW Natural, the state's sixth and eleventh largest public firms, each have three directors in the top 10.

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