A Texas family is warning others and mourning the loss of their son after he was electrocuted on Tuesday while walking in floodwater.

Andrew Pasek, 25, went to his sister's flooded Houston neighborhood to feed her cat and check on the house, according to his family.

"It was just a terrible mistake, accident that shouldn't have happened," said Pasek's sister, Alyssa. "They were going to wade in the water, they were only in about knee-deep water and walking through the neighbors' yards because the water was more shallow. He got too close to an electrical wire that was still running hot."

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Pasek was with a friend when he was trying to get to his sister's home. After Pasek felt the current run through his ankle, he told his friend to stay back.

"He told Sean (his friend), 'I'm dying. Go away. Don't help me,'" said Pasek's mother. "He didn't want him to get electrocuted too."

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