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Yelp reveals Portland's 15 best-ranked restaurants over 15 years

Check out the most popular eats in Portland.
Credit: Portland Business Journal
Yelp reveals Portland's most popular eats

PORTLAND, Ore. — It has been 15 years since choosing where we eat changed.

Yelp is marking 15 years since it launched in 2004. Since then, users have turned to the site to add their opinions on everything from fine dining establishments to humble street food and figure out where to have their next meal.

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To mark the occasion, the Portland Business Journal asked Yelp to provide the top 15 restaurants in the city in the past 15 years. The company included only mid- to high-priced businesses, rated as $$ or $$$.

Yelp is also celebrating its anniversary at its website Yelp15.com, where it tracked 15 years' worth of data to identify trends in what we eat and as well as the other services users consult Yelp to find out more about.

It also created word clouds to show the most commonly used terms in 15 years of reviews from various cities. Portland's No. 1 word should not surprise anyone familiar with the city's food scene.

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