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Woman pleads for drivers to slow down in Portland's Cully neighborhood

Porsche Jordan said she witnessed a series of fatal pedestrian crashes and believes a crosswalk in the Northeast Portland neighborhood could make a difference.

PORTLAND, Ore — Porsche Jordan is calling for safer streets after she said she witnessed multiple accidents in her Northeast Portland neighborhood.

Jordan can't believe how fast cars drive on Northeast Portland Highway in the Cully neighborhood. The road has a 45 mph speed limit, but she says drivers go up to 90 mph. Jordan has lived in the area for over 20 years and wishes drivers would just slow down. 

"People live here, there are kids that live here," said Jordan. "They get off the bus at school and they want to walk home, this is the only street they have to walk home to."

She's pleading with drivers now more than ever. Jordan said a man was hit and killed right in front of her. He was trying to cross the street when an SUV struck him. Jordan said the man was lying in the road and drivers didn't even take the time to stop.

"A couple more cars hit him. He must have been hit by 13 cars by the time it was done," Jordan said.

She said it isn't the only death she's seen on that road. Now, she is calling for increased safety measures for pedestrians including a crosswalk. 

"If we get a crosswalk with blinking lights so people know they have to slow down or the crosswalks that you have to hit the button, that'd be perfect," said Jordan. "I see people walking here all the time when they do, they should know they are safe doing that."

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) said it is seeing many pedestrian fatalities and dangers to pedestrians in the area. ODOT also said it is trying to find out what can be done to improve safety. 

Until safety improvements are made, Jordan is pleading for drivers slow down and lookout for their neighbors.

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