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'I do not know what happened to her': The mysterious death of Meighan Cordie

The prosecutor believes Jennifer Weathers knew something terrible had happened to her daughter, Meighan Cordie, on a 2018 summer night in Yamhill County. But she never said anything, even as friends, family and rescue teams desperately searched for the missing woman.

Kyle Iboshi

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Published: 3:33 PM PDT April 25, 2019
Updated: 7:35 AM PDT April 27, 2019
Credit: KGW

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Jennifer Weathers appeared confident after her lie detector test. She told a detective she thought she had done fine explaining her daughter’s disappearance after the two of them had left a wedding in rural Yamhill County.

She was surprised to learn the results of the polygraph were “inconclusive.”

Two days later, police found the body of 27-year-old Meighan Cordie down a steep embankment near Dayton. Cordie was roughly nine miles from where her mother claimed she had gotten got out of her car, leaving behind her cell phone, her shoes and her 3-year old daughter.

Cordie’s death was ruled accidental.

Hundreds of pages of police reports, along with video obtained through a public records request, detail the investigation into the disappearance and death of Meighan Cordie in August 2018.

The newly released records illustrate how Cordie’s mother had omitted certain details when speaking with police, and yet she avoided prosecution in the death of her daughter.

The documents also provide a witness account from Cordie’s 3-year old daughter, details not previously reported.

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