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Watch: Mom who lost home in Camp Fire gets free RV from Oregon man

Patrick and Barbara Whitmore drove over 8 hours from Beavercreek, Oregon to donate their RV to a single mother who lost her home in the Camp Fire.

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Veronica Jawar was driving home to Paradise when she got word the city was being evacuated due to a wildfire.

She pushed through and almost made it home before being stopped and told it was too dangerous to continue.

She called her daughter Cheyanne, who was home alone, and told her to get out and start running. The 15-year-old ran until a stranger pulled over, picked her up, and drove her to safety.

Since then, the two have been staying at a friend’s two-bedroom apartment. They are not the only ones; three other families are also living there.

The Whitmore family heard about Veronica after she posted on a Facebook page called “Paradise Adopt a family” asking for help.

After connecting over the phone, the Patrick and Barbara Whitmore decided to drive the RV down to Chico from Oregon. They rallied their community of Beavercreek, Ore., received dozens of donations and packed the RV.

They arrived in Chico Wednesday afternoon. They were met by Veronica and her family in an empty Toys R Us parking lot.

"I'm just blessed, this man's an angel," she said.

After hugs, tears and introductions, the Camp Fire survivors went up into the RV, where they say they felt safe for the first time in weeks.

"This man kept in touch with me and talked to me almost every single day just to reassure me everything was going to be okay," Veronica said. "I'm just so grateful, he's got the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met, I strive to have a heart like him, and I'll make him proud."