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How to prepare your property for another high-risk wildfire season in Oregon

Arborist Jeff Moore with Urban Forest Pro has tips for people to keep their homes safe this wildfire season.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Experts are already predicting a high-risk wildfire season for the Pacific Northwest this summer, and it’s never too early to make sure your property is prepared.

Arborist Jeff Moore works for Urban Forest Pro in Portland. He said it's important for homeowners to inspect their properties heading into the warmer months and remove any dead plants or trees from their yards. 

He said it's a good idea even for those who don't live areas typically prone to wildfire. Oregon's catastrophic wildfire season of September 2020 is a perfect example of how unpredictable and fast-spreading wildfires can be. 

Moore said homeowners should give themselves 10 to 15 feet of "defensive space" around their homes and other structures on their property to keep flammables from spreading to them. 

And it's not just the spaces on the side and front of the house; Moore said people should also consider what’s above.

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“Inspect your powerlines and make sure they’re not going to drop huge trees on them, and notifying the proper people to take are of them,” said Moore.

Moore said another important thing homeowners should do is clear any ivy and invasive plants around their home.

According to Moore, there are a number of residents around Portland who have not removed down trees from the snowstorm last April. He said the trees that are lying around could be a potential hazard if a fire were to start.

Moore said that getting an early start on wildfire preparation could be save your home from a potential disaster. 

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