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Baby Yoda lifts spirits of firefighters across Oregon

A 5-year-old boy in Scappoose decided to send Baby Yoda to firefighters to cheer them up.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Baby Yoda is famous for his role in the Star Wars Disney+ television series, The Mandalorian. Now, Baby Yoda is famous for something entirely different.

"We were surprised and pleased," said Sasha Tinning.

Last weekend, Sasha and her 5-year-old grandson, Carver, were shopping for supplies to donate to firefighters when they stumbled across a Baby Yoda.

"He literally was staring right at us as if to say take me with you," she said.

Sasha and Carver brought the Baby Yoda to a supply drive in Scappoose. A letter accompanied the Baby Yoda. 

"Thank you firefighters. Here is a friend for you in case you get lonely," the letter read.

Credit: Sasha Tinning
Carver poses with Baby Yoda before sending him to firefighters.

"There wasn't a dry eye at the trailer when he dropped off Baby Yoda and his note," said Tyler Eubanks, supply drive organizer. "I knew I had to get that to the firemen."

Eubanks did just that. All week long Baby Yoda has moved from wildfire to wildfire to lift the spirits of crews on the front lines. Eubanks even started a Facebook page to document Baby Yoda's travels and show him sharing a moment with firefighters.

"It's an emotional think and they know someone is out there thinking about them," said Eubanks.

That was the goal of Carver and his grandma from the start.

"What makes me the most happy is that it's bringing happiness to people putting their lives on the line," said Sasha. "Anybody that holds Baby Yoda and looks in those big eyes knows that eventually this will all pass and be OK."

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