You decorated it, you celebrated with it. Now it is time to get rid of it.

But what to do with that Christmas tree?

There are a few different options. Which is why Metro Recycling has been getting a lot of calls from people wanting to know which options they can choose from.

Recycling specialists say if you have yard debris pick up service, you can cut your Christmas tree up and put it in your yard debris bin with no fee.

But depending on where you live, you may also be able to set the whole tree curb-side for pick up for a small fee.

However, each city has its own requirements.

For example, for curbside tree pick-up in Portland the tree has to be no taller than six feet and it will cost you $4.85.

"If it's taller than 6 feet you'll want to cut the top off, put the top in your yard debris bin, and leave the bottom at your curb... but again it depends upon the city," said Metro Recycling specialist Peggy LaPoint.

There are also a number of nonprofit organizations that collect the trees as a fundraiser or for a cause.

If you want to help give salmon some new habitat then you can donate your tree to the Tualatin Chapter of Trout Unlimited to help its annual "Christmas for Coho" project. Every year the group puts hundreds of trees in area rivers. This year they'll focus on the Clackamas River.

But if you'd rather your tree go for a different use, Metro can help you with its Find a Recycler tool.

Just enter your address and what you want to recycle, whether it be a tree or perhaps that old string of lights, and it will give you all your recycling options.