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Watch: Teachers, parents, lawmakers discuss solutions to Classrooms In Crisis

The groundswell of reaction to our 'Classrooms In Crisis' stories led KGW to gather a group of 14 people to offer their perspectives and possible solutions.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Editor's note: The video above shows the first segment of our Classrooms In Crisis special. The full discussion is available below.

We have been reporting on disrupted learning in Oregon for months. Investigative reporter Cristin Severance has spoken with teachers, lawmakers, and parents about what is going on in Oregon schools.

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She has heard about tantrums, injuries to teachers and students, as verbal, physical and sometimes violent outbursts become commonplace.

Cristin gathered educators, lawmakers, administrators and parents for a frank conversation about the rise of disruptive behavior in our classrooms. No idea was off the table as we discussed solutions to this problem. 

Watch the full special below:  

KGW has interviewed dozens of teachers and school administrators about an increase in verbal, physical and sometimes violent disruptions in Oregon and Southwest Washington classrooms. We’ve received emails from hundreds of additional teachers who tell similar stories. Many teachers say they don’t have the proper training, support or resources to deal with this disruptive behavior. The teachers don’t blame the kids, pointing out that many students have suffered trauma in their lives; however, they say the current law makes it difficult to handle these incidents effectively. In many cases they are forced to clear all other students out of a classroom until a disruptive student can calm down. We will continue to tell these stories and push for answers from lawmakers and school officials. 

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