SEATTLE — Seattle was hit with heavy snow over the weekend, and so naturally friend and neighbors in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood were outside playing, including a Sunday evening snowball fight.

One of the snowballs hit a Jeep that was driving through the festivities.

Minutes later the driver returns, not amused, and almost hits a group of people who have to jump out of the way before she comes to a stop. She gets out and what follows is not pretty. (Caution graphic language).

The video of the incident has since gone viral.

The driver told KOMO news that when she returned, more snowballs hit her Jeep and one went into an open window. She drove the way she did only to scare the people involved in the snowball fight.

Seattle's KIRO news reports that the woman put her keys between her fingers before getting out of the Jeep. 

Police officers were dispatched to the scene. The woman was given a field sobriety test, then cited for DUI Marijuana. She was also accused of reckless driving.

For something more pleasant, otters playing in the snow on Vashon Island in Puget Sound.

Heavy snow fell in Hood River, closing schools and businesses.