Federal agents have arrested a Montesano man that they say he pledged his support to the Islamic State group.

Daniel Seth Franey, 33, has lived in Western Washington for the last three years working as a commercial fisherman out of Westport.

He appeared before a judge Monday afternoon, charged with six felony counts for illegally possessing automatic weapons and other firearms.

The investigation started after a few people went to police saying Franey talked about his support for ISIL and his desire to kill Americans.

In one meeting with a federal agent he described ISIS as "the best people on earth," adding that anyone who is against the Islamic State group will "end up like the people you see on the videos with their head on the ground."

Court documents say he told a federal agent that "Osama Bin Laden is a diamond. He's a holy warrior. He's a beautiful man."

Documents also say Franey told an undercover officer that if there was a unit from the Marines or Army getting ready to ship out, they should be hit.

"... maybe it's ten years, maybe it's two days. If the things were in place, whether I learned or not, whether I saw my kids or not, of course I would love to go hit a Marine unit before they went."

Aside from the concerning comments he has a domestic violence protective order which bars him from possessing firearms, which is the reason for the many of the charges.

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