VANCOUVER, Wash. — Vancouver Lake was reopened to swimmers on Thursday after being closed for a couple of days.

The lake was closed Tuesday due to elevated levels of E. coli bacteria in the water. Recent water sample tests showed reduced E. coli bacteria levels, according to Clark County Public Health.

An algae advisory at the lake was also downgraded Thursday from warning to caution after recent water samples showed lower levels of toxic blue-green algae, the county said. An algae advisory has been in place since June 12.

As long as algae is present, toxin levels could increase as conditions at the lake change, the county warned.

Warning signs for the algae advisory will be replaced with caution signs. Public Health will continue to take water samples and monitor results.

While the lake is considered safe for swimmers, Clark County Public Health said people and pets should avoid direct contact with water in areas with floating blue-green colored scum.

Information on current advisories can be found here.