Update: Students have nearly doubled their goal of $10,000 and raised more than $19,000 as of Monday, March 4.

Students at Northeast Tacoma Elementary School have teamed up with six other schools in the Tacoma School District to raise money to build a classroom in Kenya.

"Because a lot of kids don’t have the education that they need,” said Aidan Oehling, one of the students raising money for the classroom. “When they get this education, I think they can go far, and I think every kid deserves the same education as others.”

“It’s like a cycle,” said Arsema Robi, another student Northeast Tacoma. “If you were born rich, you get a good education and get all of this, but sometimes you’re born poor.”

Robi and Oehling, along with at least a dozen other kids, are part of We Club. The club’s goal is to raise $10,000 in one week for the classroom.

“Anyone can be part of making a difference, and We club is basically supporting that idea,” said Robi.

So far, student Leah Varkey is leading the pack.

“I asked for some donations, and I raised over $220,” she said with a smile.

Arsema Robi may be a close second.

“I took a handful from my piggy bank I asked my brother for 10 bucks,” said Robi

But wherever they end up, they are learning the larger lessons along the way.

“It’s inspiring, and a lot of kids all around Tacoma want to make a change, and it’s a big opportunity,” said Marigold Morrow.

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