HILLSBORO, Ore. – The 28-year-old woman accused of leaving her two young children at a public park while she got a tattoo was back in court Thursday.

Ana Lisa Lara had bailed out after her earlier arraignment on child neglect and criminal negligence. The children are 8 and 3 years old.

The charges stem from what police say happened on Sept. 9 in Cornelius. They say Lara went to a tattoo parlor on Baseline Road to get a tattoo. But her children couldn't stay, so Lara said she would take them to their grandparents' home.

Instead, she allegedly took them to Harleman Park a few miles away and went back for the tattoo.

About an hour later, someone found the two children in a bathroom, where they were reportedly hiding to get out of the rain. Police went to the park, and when Lara returned a little while later she was arrested.

“She shouldn't have left them unattended at all,” said Angel Nay, who was walking her dog in the park today. “ I have four children and never would have left my kids if they couldn't be in the tattoo parlor. She should have rescheduled it.”

Lara’s release agreement does not allow her to visit her children, who were removed from her home. In court Thursday, Lara and her attorney asked that she be given supervised visitation.

Authorities are considering that, but for now no contact is being allowed, as the children stay with grandparents.

Lara had nothing to say as she left court. Her next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 16.