HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A couple who moved from Kentucky to Oregon last weekend did not receive a warm welcome.

Crooks stole a trailer right off the back of their pickup. Inside that U-Haul trailer was a wedding dress, precious wedding photos, and gifts.

Photos: U-Haul stolen from couple in Hillsboro

Jeff and Janelle Edwards got married in September 2014 and later moved to Hillsboro to be close to family. They just made it to Hillsboro on Friday, and on Saturday morning the trailer they went to unload was gone.

Police found the trailer nearby the next day, but it was empty. The couple is heartbroken. Jeff tells KGW-TV he believes karma will catch up to the people responsible.

“If you are going to choose to live a lifestyle of negativity, and do negative things, you can expect a negative outcome," Jeff said. "If you have a heart or guiltiness in some way, just drop those personal keepsake items off somewhere.”

The crooks didn’t just steal belongings. They also spray painted the trailer before leaving it behind. As for the Edwards family, they hold onto hope the people responsible will have a change of heart.

The crooks also stole tools and other items. Family members have started an account to help raise money to recuperate some of the costs.