PORTLAND, Ore. – After five straight nights of protests, a group opposing the election of Donald Trump held a vigil Sunday evening in Portland.

The group 'Portland's Resistance' hosted the event. That's the same group that has organized other peaceful protests.

On Saturday night, the group did not demonstrate on the streets.

Organizers said that while they think violence detracts from their message, individuals should protest how they see fit.

"I don't condone violence. It's only my job to lead by example. It's not my job to censor anybody else's activism. There's nothing I can do other than condemn. But I think we also need to go a step farther than that and think about why it's going on," said Gregory McKelvey with Portland's Resistance.

Protests turned into a violent riot once again late Saturday night. It continued into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Portland police said demonstrators blocked streets, threw bottles and flares at officers and attacked a news crew. Dozens of people were arrested.

The gathering came after a news conference Saturday in which Mayor Charlie Hayes and Police Chief Mike Marshman urged people to restrain themselves after several days of violent marches that damaged property and left one person shot.

The group Portland’s Resistance planned a peaceful vigil at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

“We are hosting a peaceful vigil in support for the survivor of the shooting, for those who were arrested during peaceful protests across the city, for all who have experienced violence for simply living their lives, for those who have passed as a result of hate crimes, and for those in marginalized communities who will be most impacted by Donald Trump's presidency,” said a post from the group on Facebook.

The group planned a short speech followed by a silent candlelight vigil.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.