PORTLAND, Ore. -- Using a snowkite, a Hood River man claims that he broke the non-motorized speed record to Mount St. Helens' summit.

Aaron Sales, 42, described as a "North American snowkite pioneer," ascended 3,150 vertical feet in less than 35 minutes on Friday.

The snowkite is attached to four 80-foot lines connected to a harness. The kite can be steered with a handle.

Sales told The Seattle Times he believes it was the first time someone ascended the mountain by snowkite. He said he's been trying to find a way to do it for a decade, but weather conditions impeded his previous 12 attempts.

On Friday, a combination of persistent wind, clear visibility and stable avalanche conditions made it possible for him to make it all the way to the top, he told The Seattle Times.

“Nobody had done it before … it was a personal dream to see if I could do it,” he told The Seattle TImes. “After a dozen attempts with things going wrong, I was wondering if things would come together.”

Check out the video of the incredible feat!

VIDEO: Aaron Sales summits Mount St. Helens with snowkite

Mt St Helens record breaking snowkite ascent from Global Sessions on Vimeo.