PORTLAND, Ore. -- When you first meet Linda Marcus Smith, you can't help but be happy. She brightens up the room with her smile and her energy is contagious. But it's her laughter that she uses as medicine for the traumas in her past.

While serving in the military, Linda lived within a culture which exposed her to sexual harassment and abuse. After leaving the military, she was able to put it behind her while she raised her daughter.

However, after being hit by a drunk driver she suffered a traumatic brain injury which triggered significant PTSD from the abuse. As her daughter was forced to care for her, Linda's relationship deteriorated to the point where she needed to make a decision to save her own life. That decision led her to call Aces Comedy Club in Murrieta, California, and ask for help. That help came in the form of stand-up comedy lessons.

As Linda grew as a comic, so did her desire to share laughter with other veterans. So she put together a group of comedians who travel around Oregon playing some of the most intimidating venues with the hope of brightening the day and opening a door for someone who served our country.