BRUSH PRAIRIE Wash. – A man was shot after he attacked a deputy in Brush Prairie on Wednesday afternoon, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Home surveillance video captured the violent confrontation between the suspect, later identified as James M. Kelly, and Deputy Chris Story moments before the shooting.

VIDEO: Suspect attacks Clark County deputy (courtesy: Rusty Mapes)

Sgt. Fred Neiman with the sheriff’s office said at around 2 p.m. Deputy Story responded to a report of a man acting violently and jumping on cars at 11518 NE 126th Ave.

A man named Phil, who is a resident of the home and did not want to give his last name, said he heard noises outside and went to check. He found the former tenant, Kelly, who he said was very unhappy and holding a can of beer. When Phil told the man to leave, he said Kelly started punching and choking him.

“He got me on my back and just kept hitting me and hitting me and hitting me. Next thing I know when I felt his hands go into my larynx he started squeezing everything started to go white, that’s when I knew to push as hard with all my might," said Phil.

Phil got away and called 911.

When Deputy Story responded, Kelly immediately attacked him, Neiman said. During the altercation, Deputy Story shot Kelly.

Kelly was taken to a hospital. His condition is not known, Neiman said.

Deputy Story suffered minor injuries and will be placed on administrative leave.

Vancouver police are investigating.