VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A motor home that has been parked for months and now sits on blocks continues to be the ire of some neighbors off Mill Plain Boulevard in Vancouver.

The motor home has been at the curb off Northeast 8th Street since January, neighbors say, and somebody took the wheels off it a few weeks ago.

Bradley Lebow lives nearby and claims he's called Vancouver’s non-emergency reporting line at least once a week about the motor home. Officers came out and tried unsuccessfully to contact the people staying inside the home, Lebow said.

Vancouver mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle said the city is planning to have a tow company put tires on the RV and haul it away, but the hiring process will take a few weeks.

"There are only a few companies that will handle these problem RVs," she said.

Lebow will appreciate the relief. Leaving the motor home in place indefinitely is not a reasonable option, he said.

He said he’s sympathetic to those who struggle to find shelter, but said he’s had prowlers on his property twice this year since the motor home arrived.

“It’s something that’s really frustrating," Lebow said. "It’s an eyesore. It lowers our property value. ... It’s associated with drug use. It’s something that’s bringing crime to the neighborhood."