VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Construction crews are nearly finished with a $39 million STEM building at Clark College.

STEM, which stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,” will be open to students for classes in fall 2016.

Skanska USA Building headed up the 70-thousand square foot project, with construction starting in October of 2014.

Project manager Cory Zonich said Clark College is one of the first colleges in the area to build a STEM center.

Zonich said it will offer students a huge advantage going into the work force.

“It's going to put them on the leading edge of getting the jobs in the technology sector," he said. "We are trying to get our children to be more about science and math and this is how we do it.”

The state-of-the-art building features classrooms for everything from physics to organic chemistry, and even includes a specialized cadaver lab.

Crews tout the building as highly energy efficient, with currently 99 percent of the construction waste being recyclable.

Clark College said 51 percent of the STEM program’s full time faculty is female.