VANCOUVER, Wash. – Washington State troopers are on the lookout for Vancouver residents who have out-of-state plates.

On Friday morning, troopers concentrated on 30 vehicles they had already identified with out-of-state license plates while they dropped off students at two Vancouver-area schools.

The two schools were Glenwood Elementary and Laurin Middle School. Friday was the third time troopers were at the schools, but the first time they were performing enforcement, according to Washington State Patrol spokesman Will Finn.

During Friday’s operation, 18 drivers were contact and seven received tickets of $1,122 for failure to initially register a vehicle. The seven who were cited were notified by mail of the infraction at least once in September, Finn said.

Troopers will continue looking for non-registered vehicles, especially in Clark County, Finn said.

The City of Vancouver is also relying on Neighborhood Watch members to spot new residents who haven’t changed their plates yet.

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