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US Marshals arrest fugitive after he jumps from Clackamas hotel window

There were some tense moments at a local hotel Friday as visitors watched U.S. Marshals arrest a fugitive.

OREGON CITY, Ore. — There were some tense moments at an Clackamas hotel on Friday as officers with the U.S. Marshals Service raided the building to arrest a fugitive. Meanwhile, a Seattle group staying there for a basketball tournament got a good look at what was happening.

It wasn’t the kind of wakeup call that the visitors expected to have early Friday morning. Two women who had brought their daughters down for a showcase basketball tournament heard loud noises from their room at the Clackamas Inn and Suites.

“It was a super loud 'boom-boom' and we thought someone had run their car into the building, or possibly a fight going on, we weren't sure ... we knew it was something big," said Shelly.

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Shelly and her friend Kim asked KGW to use their first names only. What they were hearing that morning was the U.S. Marshal's Pacific Northwest Violent Offenders Task Force using a battering ram to bust into the room right below them.

As the officers busted in, Shelly and Kim saw the fugitive jump from a second story window. Just after that, from one floor above, the women took cover and only looked to see what was happening when it felt safe to do so.

"Actually, my friend Kim looked out the window and yelled 'they have a gun they have a gun,'” said Shelly.

The women said that the task force had guns trained on the fugitive's window, and it felt too close for comfort.

After the jump from above, the fugitive, later identified as 31-year-old Jeremiah Wakefield, was caught and taken into custody. U.S. Marshals said that Wakefield had multiple felony warrants, including a charge for escaping from the Washington Department of Corrections and probation violations stemming from an assault charge.

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The moms have traveled a lot for their kids’ games but what they saw here on Friday morning may take the cake.

“When you were coming down to Oregon City, Oregon, did you expect this kind of excitement?” asked KGW's Tim Gordon.

“Never on a million years, I knew we were going to have fun, a little excitement but not this much,” said Kim with a chuckle.

They can laugh now — but, Kim added, “It's serous this time ... hopefully he'll learn his lesson, I’ll say that."

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