Nearly a year and a half after being rescued off the Oregon Coast, Tucker the turtle is now back in the open seas.

Tucker was found stranded and near death in late 2015. He's been receiving care at SeaWorld San Diego's Animal Rescue facility for the last year. Prior to his time in San Diego, he spent six months recuperating at the Seattle Aquarium.

On Monday, SeaWorld teams released three sea turtles 15 miles off the coast of San Diego, according to NBC affiliate KNSD-TV. From this point, the turtles will head south towards Mexico and their natural habitat where the waters are warmer.

"It's really just so heart warming to see all this hard work come to a successful conclusion and this animal's getting a second chance at life." said Mike Price, Assistant Curator Zoological Operations for SeaWorld San Diego.

Scientists with the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute installed trackers on the turtles and will follow their migration to the south.