TUALATIN, Ore. — A Tualatin couple's wedding video went viral after they surprised their guests with a flash mob dance.

Isaiah and Taylor Green-Jones got married in Portland last month.

“We thought it'd be a good treat for our guests,” said Taylor.

After they posted it on social media, the video of their dance spread quickly.

“Somebody told us, ‘Y’all are on Twitter, y’all are going viral on Twitter,’ and we're like, ‘Really?’” Taylor said.

That’s when interview requests started to heat up.

“One of the first outlets was Good Morning America,” said Isaiah. “ABC, CNN, then Fox happened yesterday.”

“It’s been a big surprise,” said Taylor.

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The couple says they're just happy to share their joy with others.

“It's like, already a day we would remember, but it's not like we could really ever forget,” said Isaiah.

And to Isaiah, the wedding, the dance and now all this attention means a lot.

“When I was in college I actually did a speech outside the Supreme Court for marriage equality, and thinking now that I'm actually able to get married and my wedding dance video went viral, it's just so amazing, Isaiah said.

Isaiah and Taylor Green-Jones
Isaiah and Taylor Green-Jones at their wedding.
Isaiah and Taylor Green-Jones