PORTLAND, Ore. – Protesters marched through the city of Portland three times Wednesday night into Thursday morning to voice their opposition to President-elect Donald Trump.

Police estimated there was as many as 2,000 protesters during the first march.

Wednesday's demonstration began at around 3:30 p.m. when about 100 protesters, many high schoolers, met at Pioneer Courthouse Square. The protest grew to hundreds of people as there were several confrontations at the initial demonstration. Police took at least one man into custody after protesters said he assaulted someone.

The protesters marched southbound on Southwest 6th Avenue and entered Portland City Hall, when the protest turned into thousands of participants.

The protesters marched across the Morrison Bridge to Southeast Portland. Police briefly closed both directions of I-5 from the Fremont to Marquam bridges. Interstate 84 westbound was diverted to northbound I-5.

Freeways were reopened once protesters crossed the river.

The group marched north on Southeast Grand Avenue toward the Moda Center, where they stopped to chant. One protester spray-painted "Impeach" on the side of the Moda Center.

Photos: Trump protest

From there, protesters moved back onto the interstate and marched south on I-5. Police closed the freeway again, causing a massive traffic backup on the freeways.

The crowd marched back over the Morrison Bridge and back into downtown, where they stopped at Pioneer Courthouse Square, where the march began.

Portland police Sgt. Pete Simpson said the crowd was largely peaceful, but there was little officers could do to control a crowd that large.

"With this size crowd, it's really not feasible," said Simpson. "There is no way to move 2,000 people who do not want to be moved."

The crowd dispersed a little bit after the initial march but hundreds walked back across the Burnside Bridge and onto I-84 and I-5, closing traffic on both freeways at around 8:30 p.m. The group came back to Pioneer Square and gathered at around 9:15 p.m. following the second walk around the city.

The group started a third march through the city at 10 p.m., sitting on the Burnside Bridge and blocking traffic before getting back on I-5 and shutting down the freeway for about an hour.

The third march was unruly at times as cars and motorcyclists rode with protesters, some spinning donuts in the crowd.

There was also a smashed window at a business.

Similar protests were held across the nation on Wednesday. Many high-school students protested the election results.

Protesters blocked streets in Austin, Tex., downtown Seattle and New York City.