PORTLAND, Ore. — TriMet will eliminate three MAX train stops in downtown Portland beginning March 1, 2020.

The regional transit agency voted Wednesday to close the Mall/SW 4th Ave. and Mall/SW 5th Ave. stations. TriMet’s Board of Directors also voted to approve a pilot closure of the Kings Hill/SW Salmon Street station for one year. Tri-Met will evaluate if the station should be permanently closed after the year-long trial.

The closure of the three stops should cut travel time through downtown Portland by about three minutes, according to TriMet. It currently takes MAX Red and Blue line trains about 22 minutes to travel between Goose Hollow/SW Jefferson Street and Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave. stations, TriMet said.

TriMet previously discussed the closure of the Skidmore Fountain Station. That station will remain open and be re-evaluated in 2022.

More about the station closures from TriMet

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