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Trial of romance novelist continues with testimony from her niece

The trial of romance novelist Nancy Crampton-Brophy continued on Day 16 with family members testifying in her defense.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The trial of romance novelist Nancy Crampton-Brophy continued Monday with the defense calling up family members to testify.

Crampton-Brophy is accused of shooting and killing her husband Daniel Brophy, who was an instructor at the Oregon Culinary Institute, in June of 2018. 

The defense claimed Crampton-Brophy and her husband were so in love that she would never have killed him. The state maintains Crampton-Brophy stood to gain a lot of money from her husband's death, and that she lied to police about her where she was the morning of the murder.

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Crampton-Brophy's niece, Sarah Gitchell, testified that she spent a lot of time with Crampton-Brophy after her husband was murdered. 

"I personally observed her grieving, crying, sobbing, breaking down many times," she said.

Gitchell said Crampton-Brophy and her husband seemed to have an ideal relationship. 

"She started talking about Dan and started crying and said this wasn't a part of the plan and said Dan being gone wasn't part of the plan, and 'what am I going to do now,'" Gitchell said. 

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Gitchell went on to tell jurors that her aunt never spoke about concerns in her marriage, and overlooked a lot of issues to keep the peace within her relationship. Gitchell said at the time of the murder, Crampton-Brophy was not concerned about her safety.

"We all just figured it had to be a random person off the street," she said. "Meth had started to become a problem in the area and people often behave erratically and violently."

There was also testimony from Crampton-Brophy's cousin, Vicki Schmall, who mainly focused on her relationship with Crampton-Brophy.

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