(The video in this story is from June 10, 2019, a story on herbicides being used to kill invasive grass in Vancouver Lake. )

Health officials in Clark County are warning the public to stay out of parts of Vancouver Lake due to the possible presence of toxic blue-green algae.

Clark County Public Health posted warning signs at the lake.

Suspected algae blooms were spotted at the Vancouver Lake swim beach, the Burnt Bridge Creek inlet and the flushing channel near the swim beach. Test results to confirm toxins in the water are pending, but health officials want people and animals to avoid the areas of floating blue and green-colored scum.

Blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, produces toxins that can be harmful to people and deadly for any small pets that drink the water.

Health officials recommend:

  • No swimming or water skiing in areas of scum.
  • No drinking lake water.
  • No water contact for animals in areas of scum.
  • Avoid areas of scum when boating.
  • Clean fish well and discard organs.

Clark County Public Health will continue to monitor the lake. Information on current advisories can be found here.

Vancouver Lake Regional Park remains open. Health officials say water in the restrooms and shelters is not affected by the algae and remains safe to drink.

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