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Tips on how to prepare your home for the cold, freezing temperatures

With weather conditions changing, KGW had a chance to speak with the owner of Ankeny Hardware on tips to prepare your home for the storm.

PORTLAND, Ore. — With a major ice storm in the forecast, shoppers are lining up at Ankeny Hardware in Southeast Portland. 

"This has been pretty much nonstop, we're pretty much doing three days worth of business everyday," said owner, Norman Chusid. 

He recommends everyone get their homes ready for the bitter temperatures.

In order to do so, Chusid says there are two important steps. First cover all your outdoor faucets with specialized covers when possible. 

"It insulates the heat from your house, fills the little box and it stops your faucets valves from freezing," said Chusid. 

Second, check the filter in your furnace to keep your heater running smoothly. If you take your furnace filter out and can't see light through it, it needs to be changed.

Craig Moore, a plumber with DeTemple Co. said if you're worried about your pipes freezing, you can leave the water running at a trickle.

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 "Just try to keep the place as warm as you can," said Moore. "Obviously water doesn't freeze until 32 degrees so as long as we can keep everything warmer than that, should be in good shape."

Outside your home, cover any exposed pipes.

 After you weatherize your house stock up on salt for your sidewalks and walkways. If you must venture outside, don't forget to put on ice cleats on your shoes. 

"When it gets icy, we would wear them and it's like walking on dry pavement when you walk outside," explained Chusid.

Important advice as we count the final few days until Christmas.


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