Warning: This story contains language some may find inappropriate

TIGARD, Ore. -- A Tigard woman is recovering after an attack that can only be described as brutal.

“I thought he was going to kill me,” said Charlotte Simons.

Simons says she was sitting in her recliner on the night of Super Bowl Sunday when her roommate, Leo Miller, emerged from his bedroom.

“He came in and stood right there in front of me and said, ‘I’m going to kill you, you bitch,'" Simons said.

She says Miller was upset about the money he owed for bills. She says he grabbed a small plastic bag, slid it over his hand, and tried suffocating her.

“He tried to shut this part of my nose down, tried to block my mouth off,” she said. “I went limp.”

Leo Miller
Leo Miller

Simons played dead, but she could only trick Miller for so long. She says he punched her repeatedly, but she had the presence of mind to call for help using the Lifeline device that hangs around her neck.

“I said he’s beating the hell out of me,” she told dispatchers. “I need an ambulance and police.”

Simons says Miller surrendered peacefully. He is now behind bars facing a number of charges including attempted murder and assault.

Simons cannot help but wonder what would have happened had help not arrived when it did.

“I didn’t know what else he had planned," she said.