PORTLAND, Ore. — One of Portland's historic homes was vandalized over the weekend. Now the owner wants to send a message to whomever did it and the rest of Portland.

It’s known as Portland’s White House. The historic home, built in 1911, is in Northeast Portland’s Irvington Neighborhood.

It has been remodeled into a beautiful bed and breakfast with many gorgeous rooms.

But in the living room, someone decided to deface a small part of the house.

"You can see right here, all of this, it's a gooey almost tar-like substance," said Frank Groff, who owns the home.

The black liquid was splattered all over the rug and it won't come out. Groff said at least the substance missed the wood floors and furniture.

"This is on the heels of a million dollar renovation," he said.

Portland's White House vandalism
Someone splattered black liquid, a "gooey, almost tar-like substance," all over a rug in Portland's White House, an historic home built in 1911, in Northeast Portland's Irvington Neighborhood.
Christine Pitawanich, KGW

Groff said the damage happened during the Irvington Historic Homes Tour on Sunday. He said it’s devastating to know that someone did it just out of spite after so much work has been done already to preserve the home.

Groff said the vandalism isn't just an assault on the house, it's an assault on all Portlanders.

"This is a community treasure," he said.

Groff said he has spent a long time reviewing surveillance video from outside Portland’s White House, but hasn't found anything. He wants people to call police if they know anything.

But while he says he'd like to know who did it, he mostly wants to raise awareness and convey to people, including whomever vandalized the home, that all Portlanders have a vested interest in preserving historical treasures like Portland's White House.

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