WASHOUGAL, Wash. -- A Washougal man has created a unique idea he’s hoping with catch on. It’s called a “Goatgram.” For a price, he’ll show up at your door with a bouquet and his pet goats. The goats will then eat parts of the bouquet right out of your hand.

“They’re intelligent, they’re playful. They’re adorable,” said Brett Wilson of his goats Om-Nom and Nibbles. Wilson says he picks bouquets and flower arrangements from his yard in Washougal, loads the goats into his car, and then heads to a delivery. “Goat chauffer is my title,” Wilson joked.

Wilson received inspiration for the project from a similar ideas ago while living in Los Angeles. Wilson had originally thought of a business that delivered flowers and puppies to customers, but the logistics of the idea didn’t pan out. Years later while living in Portland and hoping to start a small petting zoo, Wilson thought that the goats would work instead.

“The idea is an old one. We ended up with goats because we’re going to do a petting zoo.”

Wilson tested the “Goatgram” idea at local preschools and daycares over the summer.

“The thing that I noticed when I was there was the kids would strip the bushes – just trash the place – to get things to feed to these goats,” he said.

Wilson then thought of the idea of the edible flower arrangement to go along with the Goatgram. “I thought: this is something that people really enjoy. It just makes them happy to do it.”

Wilson adds not only edible plants to the bouquets, but some flowers that the goats won’t eat as well. “So, you’ll have something at the end of it. But they certainly get a lot out of it as well.”

The business officially launched in October, and Wilson has already gone on a number of calls. Business calls spiked this week, too. “I think we got 21 inquiries this morning,” Wilson said.

A Goatgram will cost you $100 and Wilson limits the service to two deliveries per day in order to allow Om-Nom and Nibbles to rest. Wilson advises potential customers to schedule their Goatgrams a couple weeks in advance to be safe.