Portland's Bureau of Transportation regularly tracks data regarding incidents at pedestrian crossings.

We've taken the data from 2016, the most-recent year for which such information is available, and examined which crossings experience the most such incidents. PBOT ranks the crossings on an index based on the number of fatal and injury crashes and the severity of the crashes.

Such information could help the city formulate ways to, as it crafts such sweeping plans as the Central City 2035 proposals and the Green Loop, make matters safer for both walkers and drivers.

For most of the 20 intersections on the list, efforts are either underway to rectify each intersection's issues or to formulate ideas to make the crossings safer.

For instance, at Northwest Third Avenue and West Burnside, bike and transit improvements are being crafted while curb extensions and pedestrian push buttons at the traffic light were added in 2016. The city has also drafted a plan for 82nd Avenue that calls for signal improvements. And, North Gilbert Avenue in North Portland will undergo construction in 2019 that adds new striping and rebuilds accessibility ramps.

The city has also added new lights at North Interstate and Lombard and added a new traffic signal at West Burnside and 20th Place.

By clicking on the link below, you'll learn which 20 intersections experienced the highest number of pedestrian crashes in 2016.

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