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A political flier is creating confusion among some voters. So, let's clear things up

A spokesperson for Washington County elections described the information on the leaflet as “not helpful.”

ALOHA, Ore. — A political flier circulating in parts of Washington County is creating confusion among neighbors because it includes misinformation about the midterm election. The document, titled “How to Protect your Vote” claims to be from a Precinct Committee Person in Washington County.

The person claimed to be "working for election integrity" and offered tips on how to ensure your ballot is counted, while making unfounded claims about election fraud.

But a spokesperson for Washington County elections described the information on the flier as “not helpful.”

An Aloha resident alerted KGW after she and dozens of other neighbors received the flier on their doorstep. KGW was not able confirm who is behind the leaflet.

Misinformation is false or inaccurate information that can spread through social media, text messages or fliers.

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The leaflet suggested voters mark their ballot in blue ink, not black ink. In reality — it doesn’t matter. Oregon ballots clearly state that voters should use a pen with blue or black ink. Either color works fine.

The letter also told voters to mark their choice with a big check mark, and fill-in the bubble. Instead, voters just need to fill in the bubble — that’s it. Checkmarks or X’s do not count, explained Washington County election officials.

The letter also claimed that it is best to hand-deliver your ballot on Election Day to the elections office. Government officials disagree.

“It is not a good idea to wait until Election Day to hand deliver a ballot to our office. We are very busy on Election Day and staff will be working hard to help resolve last-minute ballot issues,” wrote Silvia Pereida, spokesperson for Washington County elections in an email to KGW. “Ballot boxes and the USPS are perfectly safe and secure methods of casting ballots.”  

The important lesson here is to go to trusted sources for voting information.

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