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The movie gods are releasing trailers again, let's talk about them: The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984, Enola Holmes + more

We are finally seeing new trailers and it feels like the entertainment world is returning to normal. But will you enter a theater right now?

Destiny Johnson (KGW)

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One of the things I miss the most about the before times is going to the movie theater. It is an activity I enjoy doing alone, so me and my tub of popcorn and egregiously large Diet Coke can be at peace.

But it is going to be some time before I feel safe returning to the movie theater. But, lucky for me, I can, as always, enjoy trailers from the comfort of my own home.

Perhaps it is because the world has been turning somehow ten times faster and slower than usual, this past weekend seemed a particularly good weekend for trailers.

With DCFandome, presumably, DC’s response to no comic cons this year, at least three major trailers were dropped: