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'That's what bisexual means': Gov. Brown tweets at Tucker Carlson after he calls her sexuality 'confusing'

On Wednesday night, Carlson opened his Fox News show with a rant about Brown's sexuality before criticizing her outdoor mask mandate.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Fox News' Tucker Carlson ranted about Gov. Kate Brown on his show Wednesday night, calling her bisexuality "confusing" before going on to ridicule her statewide outdoor mask mandate

Carlson spoke about the governor's election to office in 2015, claiming voters knew little about Brown other than the fact she was bisexual. 

"Kate Brown's sex life was shattering ceilings. Woo-hoo," the Fox News host said. "And yet if you looked a little closer, you notice something a little weird. Actually, Kate Brown was married to a man. Yes, he had a different last name, but he was still, as they say on TikTok, 'binary.' He was a dude. That's fine, of course, but it was also a little confusing. How does having a groom at her wedding make Kate Brown an official of the LGBTQ exclamation point community?" 

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He then described Brown as unfit for handling the coronavirus pandemic, calling her a "dopey soccer mom who got elected because she claimed she had a girlfriend in college."

On Thursday, Brown took to Twitter to address Carlson's comments. 

".@TuckerCarlson, that's what bisexuality means," she wrote. 

She followed her succinct message to Carlson with a bigger message of support for those who identify as bisexual: "To every bisexual person out there struggling to explain to your friends and family who you are and who you love: you are not alone. Don't let the bullies stop you from being true to yourself. You might even be a governor someday."

Brown's outdoor mask mandate went into effect on Friday to help curb an unprecedented spike in COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalizations in the state. Oregon also hit another grim milestone on Friday with 3,207 new COVID-19 cases, the state's highest daily case count of the pandemic. 

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