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What we know about the victims in the Uvalde elementary school shooting

At least 21 people, including 19 children, were killed in a shooting, according to law enforcement officials.

UVALDE, Texas — Tragedy struck Robb Elementary in Uvalde on Tuesday.

At least 21 people, including 19 children, were killed in a shooting, according to law enforcement officials. Several others, both students and adults, are being treated for injuries.

The alleged shooter was also killed by a tactical agent responding to the scene after he exchanged gunfire with law enforcement, local police confirmed. It is believed that shooter acted alone.

Here are the victims that have been identified so far.

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez, 10, was a 3rd grader at Robb Elementary. 

Credit: Rodriguez family/KENS

Uziyah Garcia

Manny Renfro told the Associated Press he got word Tuesday that his grandson, 8-year-old Uziyah Garcia, was among those killed.

“The sweetest little boy that I’ve ever known,” Renfro said. “I’m not just saying that because he was my grandkid.”

Renfro said Uziyah last visited him in San Angelo during spring break.

“We started throwing the football together and I was teaching him pass patterns. Such a fast little boy and he could catch a ball so good,” Renfro said. “There were certain plays that I would call that he would remember and he would do it exactly like we practiced.”

Credit: Garcia family/KENS 5

Xavier James Lopez

The Associated Press spoke with Lisa Garza, 54, of Arlington, Texas, who identified her cousin, Xavier James Lopez, 10, as one of the victims.

“He was just a loving 10-year-old little boy, just enjoying life, not knowing that this tragedy was going to happen today,” she said. “He was very bubbly, loved to dance with his brothers, his mom. This has just taken a toll on all of us.”

This story will be updated as more victim identifications become available.

Eva Mireles

Fourth-grade teacher Eva Mireles, 44, was remembered as a loving mother and wife.

“She was adventurous. I would definitely say those wonderful things about her. She is definitely going to be very missed,” said 34-year-old relative Amber Ybarra, of San Antonio.

Ybarra prepared to give blood for the wounded and pondered how no one noticed trouble with the shooter in time to stop him.

Credit: Mireles family/KENS

Eliahana Cruz Torres

Fourth grader Eliahana Cruz Torres was looking forward to her last softball game of the season on Tuesday.

"She was very excited about her softball game today. She was kind of nervous," her aunt said. "I talked to her last night and she was kind of nervous, saying that it was her last game and she didn't want softball to end. And she was excited because there were gonna, I guess, announce the ones that made it to all stars. And she was also saying like, 'What if I make it? I'm gonna be so nervous.' And I was like, 'Girl, you got this. You're gonna be good at it. You got this.' So she was excited."

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Credit: KENS/Torres family

Rogelio Torres

The father of Rogelio Torres confirmed Wednesday morning that his son was killed in Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Rogelio was 10 years old.

Credit: Torres family/KENS 5

Nevaeh Bravo

Family members of Nevaeh Bravo said she was 10 years old and attended Robb Elementary School.

Credit: KENS

Jailah Nicole Silguero

The grandmother of Jailah Silguero confirmed Wednesday that Jailah was killed in Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary School. Jailah was 10 years old. Her family is raising money through a GoFundMe.

Credit: KENS

Irma Garcia

Irma Garcia taught at the school for 23 years, according to her school profile. In 2019, she was one of 19 San Antonio-area teachers named a finalist for a Trinity University prize that recognizes excellence in teaching. Garcia had four children and loved barbecuing with her husband and listening to music.

Credit: Uvalde CISD

Jose Flores

The uncle of Jose Flores confirmed Wednesday that Jose was killed in Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary School.

His uncle, Christopher Salazar, wrote a touching Facebook tribute to the 10-year-old.

"I'm going to miss you baby Jose, i still can't believe this happened my heart is broken just hearing them tell us your gone it hurts me I love you so much and I wish you were still here. I'm going to miss you soo much rest in paradise my beautiful angel."

In another post, Salazar wrote: "I love you and I miss you."

Jose was 10 years old.

Credit: KENS

Layla Salazar

Layla Salazar loved to swim and dance to Tik Tok videos, according to the Associated Press. She won six races at the school's field day. 

Layla was 10 years old.

Credit: Vincent Salazar, via AP
n this image provided by Vincent Salazar, Layla Salazar poses with her first place ribbons from field day at her school, Robb Elementary School. Layla

Eliahna García

The aunt of Eliahna García confirmed Wednesday that Eliahna was killed in Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary.

Eliahna was 10 years old.

Credit: AP
This undated handout photo provided by Siria Arizmendi shows her niece, Eliahna García, 10. García is among those killed in Tuesday, May 24, 2022, shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. (Siria Arizmendi via AP)

Jayce Carmelo Luevanos

Family members of Jayce Carmelo Luevanos confirmed Wednesday that Jayce was killed in Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Jayce was 10 years old.

Credit: KENS

Jackie Cazares 

The father of Jackie Cazares confirmed Wednesday that Jackie was killed in Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary, according to the Associated Press. Her father described her as a “firecracker” and “all in all, full of love. She had a big heart,” he said.

Jackie was 9 years old.

Credit: KENS

Amerie Jo Garza

The father of Amerie Jo Garza confirmed Wednesday that Amerie was killed in Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Amerie was 10 years old, and is remembered for being loving, smart and having "a heart of gold."

Credit: Facebook

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Tess Marie Mata

Faith, Tess Marie Mata's sister, told CBS News the child was among those killed in the shooting. She also shared a Facebook post about her sister's death.

"My sweet baby sister, I would've never thought I would be typing something like this. I honestly have no words just sadness, confusion, and anger. I'm sad because we will never get to tag team on mom and dad again and tell each other how much we mean to each other, I'm confused because how can something like this happen to my sweet, caring, and beautiful sister, and I'm angry because a coward took you from us. 

"Sissy I miss you so much, I just want to hold you and tell you how pretty you are, I want to take you outside and practice softball, I want to go on one last family vacation, I want to hear your contagious laugh, and I want you to hear me tell you how much I love you. Tessy mom, dad, and I won't be the same without you but we are comforted knowing you are waiting for us up in heaven and have a spot for us. We have one sassy guardian angel that I know is going to protect our family. Till we meet again Tess Marie, love your Big Sister"

Credit: KENS

Alexandria "Lexi" Aniyah Rubio

Lexi Rubi's grandmother confirmed to CBS News that she died in Tuesday's shooting. In a Facebook post, Kimberly Mata-Rubio remembered her daughter, saying her family had been with her at the school just hours before she was killed.

"My beautiful, smart, Alexandria Aniyah Rubio was recognized today for All-A honor roll," her post read. "She also received the good citizen award. We told her we loved her and would pick her up after school. We had no idea this was goodbye."

Credit: KENS

Alithia Ramirez

Family members confirmed Thursday that Alithia was killed in Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Credit: KENS

Maite Rodriguez

The mother of Maite Rodriguez confirmed to WFAA that she was one of the children killed Tuesday at Robb Elementary school.

Maite made the honor roll for straight As and Bs this year and was publicly recognized at an assembly on Tuesday, said Ana Rodríguez, her mother.

“She worked hard, I only encouraged her,” Rodríguez said in an interview Thursday at her dining room table, which displayed a bouquet of red roses, the honor roll certificate and photos of Maite.

The young girl already had plans to pursue marine biology at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. 

Credit: KENS

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Maranda Gail Mathis

A cousin of Maranda Gail Mathis confirmed to KHOU that Maranda was one of the children killed Tuesday at Robb Elementary school.

She was 11 years old.

Credit: REK Funerals

Makenna Lee Elrod

The Associated Press said Makenna’s father asked on Tuesday if he could go to the local funeral home to search for his daughter because he feared “she may not be alive,” TV station KTRK reported. Her family later asked for privacy. 

Credit: KENS

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