A 15-year-old Beaverton cyclist is competing on a new set of wheels thanks to the generosity of River City Bicycles.

Owner Dave Guettler was awarded the $5,000 bike for being National Retailer of the Year.

"I thought what if I give it to an up-and-coming cyclist? Watching him becomes the real reward," Guettler said.

He gave the high end carbon fiber bike to Tristan Young, whose riding helps him deal with autism.

"This is like no other bike I've ever ridden and I want to be cautious with it and make Dave proud," said Tristan.

Guettler says his daughter in on the spectrum and he's seen how cycling has benefited her, both emotionally and physically.

"I'm confident it's doing the same for Tristan," he said.

The bike donation was arranged by Bicycles and Ideas for Kids Empowerment.

"It'll be fun to see where it takes Tristan," said Guettler. "If he channels all that enthusiasm there's no end in sight."