PORTLAND, Ore. — Roads were icy Saturday morning after parts of Portland were blanketed with snow hours earlier.

Perhaps the most notable crash involved a Love’s fuel truck on the ramp from southbound Interstate 5 to Interstate 84. Pinned between the fuel truck and the guardrail was a maroon SUV driven by Alex Ream-Sapiano. The crash occurred around 6:30 a.m.

Ream-Sapiano told KGW’s Pat Dooris the crash happened after a vehicle about six cars ahead of him spun out. He said everyone had slowed to a stop.

“Then I looked in my rear-view mirror, saw the semi was coming and not slowing down,” Ream-Sapiano said.

Ream-Sapiano said he and other drivers tried to get out the semi-truck driver’s way but it didn’t matter.

“The back end of the semi came out from behind him and hit me,” he said.

Fortunately, Ream-Sapiano wasn't hurt.

At first, it seemed the crash could be cleared quickly. But Ream-Sapiano was pinned in too tightly between the semi-truck and guardrail.

For Ream-Sapiano, he had two options: Stay warm in his vehicle, or go outside in the cold for an unknown amount of time. He chose the former.

“I could have gotten out of the car anytime I wanted to. I just didn’t want to leave my heater,” Ream-Sapiano said.

After hours of staying in his SUV, Ream-Sapiano climbed out of the driver’s side window, with the help of the first responders and fencing on the guardrail.

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Eventually, other drivers behind the crash were able to back down the freeway ramp and clear the road. That allowed a tow truck to come from behind and lift the Love’s semi-truck, freeing up Ream-Sapiano’s SUV.

Five and a half hours after being pinned, Ream-Sapiano was able to drive away.

Alex Ream-Sapiano's SUV after the crash
Alex Ream-Sapiano's SUV after the crash
Pat Dooris