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Union Gospel Mission in Portland seeing impact of supply chain issues

A decreased supply of food products and takeout containers has impacted the Union Gospel Mission's operation.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Union Gospel Mission (UGM) in Portland said it was more difficult this year to gather ingredients for its Thanksgiving meal deliveries because of supply chain problems.

"Our food service director in years past could contact Winco or a grocer, and no problem, we could get the amounts of food that we needed," said Courtney Dodds with UGM. "But this year, she was running around all week trying to find the different items she needed through different grocery stores."

The supply chain issues nationwide have impacted charities and consumers alike. The problem stems, in part, from shortfalls in the labor force to produce and ship many products.

A decreased supply of food products and takeout containers has increased the cost of UGM's operation. However, on Sunday, UGM successfully delivered about 90 containers of hot Thanksgiving meals to people living outside in the Portland metro area.

"They bring us food every week," recipient Danielle Smith said. "We're super thankful."

UGM volunteers and staff coordinate to deliver warm blankets, socks and other needed supplies along routes they frequent each week.

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The hot meals delivered on Sunday were a special touch on a cold night before the Thanksgiving holiday.

"Makes me think a lot of home," Smith said. "Makes me miss my mom."

The Salvation Army in Portland also organized a Thanksgiving meal giveaway Sunday. It was an in-person, sit-down dinner for people in need.

The commanding officer told KGW that Sunday's event was not significantly impacted by supply chain problems, citing support from large companies such as Amazon and Imperfect Produce.

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