PORTLAND, Ore. -- A large portion of Portland’s Sunday Parkways, an event which invites people to walk or bike through an area of Portland, took place along the Springwater Corridor, just east of the area that was swept Tuesday.

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During Tuesday's operation, Portland police and other agencies estimate between 300 and 450 homeless campers were forced to pack up and move from the mile-long stretch, which passes behind Cartlandia and across Southeast 82nd Avenue.

The sweep followed several reports of drug use, assaults and other issues along the trail.

Neighbors say the problem is many of the campers simply moved one mile east, to the area where Sunday Parkways is taking place.

Tim Crawley ran along the trail with his 17-month-old daughter Sunday morning.

“The trail was cleared out for this so for newcomers, it can give a little skewed perspective on what its really like," he said. "But certainly I think the discussions that are happening around this with neighbors and friends who come out and enjoy this weekend, it's to generate ideas around that issues.”

Officials with the Portland Bureau of Transportation, which organizes the event, say they and Portland police regularly provide security.

“We knew we wanted to focus on safety to start, so we worked with Portland Police on that," said Program Manager Linda Ginenthal. "The second thing we wanted to do is work with community organizations, who work directly with the homeless. Those groups let the campers know that this event would be happening.”